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  • What is Alien Chicken NFT?
    Alien Chicken NFT is your home for all things CryptoCreed. What started as a voicemail eventually evolved into an NFT project that pushes the boundaries of digital storytelling and Web 3.0 technology. If you missed your opportunity to collect your own CryptoCreed, have no fear. Sign up below to be alerted about our future drops... coming soon to a metaverse near you.
  • How did it become the Cult of Creed?
    After he was sent to the Metaverse, CryptoCreed decided this was the perfect opportunity to live out his biggest dream: creating his own cult. It would henceforth be known as The Cult of Creed in the name of its leader - the artist formerly known as Creed Bratton. Creed would like to make it clear that his cult is not like other cults… It's fun and cool, and nobody (except Antwane) gets hurt. Cult activities include but are not limited to: trivia nights, Creed meme competitions, squawk offs, and weekly inspirational chats with the master himself. To join the cult and enter CryptoCreed’s Metaverse, visit the Alien Chicken discord: And if you think about it, the Cult of Creed was always going to happen, wasn’t it?
  • How can you get a piece of CryptoCreed?
    So you want to join the Cult of Creed? There are many versions of CryptoCreed available now on and secondary marketplaces like OpenSea. Here at Alien Chicken NFT, we believe in cluck for your buck, so each NFT drop we release will give you the opportunity to experience exclusive perks and fun add-ons.
  • How do I redeem my NFT?
    As soon as you purchase an Original CryptoCreed on, you’ll gain access to the full resolution image of CryptoCreed and a scored 3D animation. In addition, your NFT purchase is going to unlock a full-length video trailer. You will be able to download and watch the very first installment of the Adventures of CryptoCreed as he embarks on his journey into the metaverse. All of these downloadables can be accessed upon purchasing your NFT, in your wallet, via! Then, head on over to our Discord Server, where you can unlock additional content in our “VIP Creedies” channel. You’ll have to verify your token purchase for access, but don’t worry, you’ll encounter a very informed bot that will guide you through this. Please note, upon purchase, it may take a few days to get you properly verified on the channel! In VIP Creedies, you’ll be able to chat with members of the CryptoCreed community, show off your original CryptoCreed art and follow along with Creed’s adventures. We will also be hosting bi-weekly chats with Creed himself, where token holders will get the chance to have their burning questions answered, hear about what Creed has planned for the future, and maybe even influence his path. If you are brand new to Discord, here’s a quick and easy tutorial that will help get you started. If you are one of the lucky few to have purchased a Silver CryptoCreed, we will be reaching out to you within 72 hours of the drop ending with your personalized voicemail from Creed. If you don’t receive an email within 72 hours, please reach out to with a screenshot of your receipt. Finally, if you are the proud owner of the Gold CryptoCreed, hold on to your pants, because Creed is going to give you a call himself in order to congratulate you. Afterwards, our team will be in touch to organize the details of the virtual meet and greet for yourself and ten of your closest friends (or enemies, whatever you want!) We will also be sending you a personalized custom CryptoCreed that you can proudly display in your wallet… and brag to everyone you know about. Congratulations if you are the lucky chosen one, and hey, who knows what other surprises are in store for you?!
  • Why is Creed Bratton doing this?
    While some might call Creed Bratton an American treasure, he believes he is more of an American trinket. On top of that, Creed has always been comfortable with people playing with him. That’s where CryptoCreed comes in. Creed’s life has always involved blurring reality and fiction, and the digital sphere was the next logical step in his journey. Blockchain technology provides an opportunity to be truly creative without the fear of network overlords, and it gives us normal humans the chance to finally roam the weird and wacky mind of Creed Bratton. And hey, if we’re being frank… Creed has always wanted to scam the world.
  • Who is behind Alien Chicken?
    The people you hear shouting in the background and cutting open Creed Bratton are the wonderful teams behind Alien Chicken NFT - Open the Portal and Propagate Content’s incubator Sidecar. The Alien Chicken NFT Team Members (or TACNFTTM as they like to be called) are committed to the physical dismemberment of Creed and will continue to perform digital experimentation on his shiny new avatar until he (or the law) forces them to stop. You can check out their work at and
  • When is the next drop?
    Creed Bratton’s journey into the metaverse will unfold through a series of exciting drops over the next six months. What will he do next? Any of the following scenarios may or may not be true: Creed will amass a following of true alien chickens harvested from space, Creed will metamorphosize into an omnipresent and omnipotent being, Creed will dedicate his digital lifespan to ski ballet, Creed will learn the secrets of the perfect sandwich, Creed will finally begin his career on the Dark Web. Sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know more.
  • Did you really burn Creed Bratton?
    …Did we?
  • What does human flesh smell like?
    Oddly, Creed Bratton’s flesh smelled a lot like burning clay.
  • Was Creed Bratton ever really human?
    It’s said that the real Creed Bratton went into hiding decades ago, and what we see now is an animatronic version of the original.
  • Did Creed Bratton really kill someone?
    DM us.
  • Are the chickens on Earth not of alien descent?
    We’ve been wondering that ourselves. They do look weird.
  • If an actor was hired to play Creed Bratton’s human form, who would it be?
    Jeff Bezos. Oh, did you say actor?
Alien Chicken - Full Body.png




On March 14th, 2022, the artist formerly known as Creed Bratton (and occasionally referred to as “Moron”) was digitally burned and sent into the metaverse. This moment marked the first ever digital transition of not only a physical art piece, but the art encapsulated in a living, breathing person: Creed Bratton. After the burning, he returned in the form of a non-fungible token, also known as an NFT, not to be confused with a type of mushroom, and will henceforth be known as CryptoCreed. Starting Thursday, March 17th, 2022, you can buy your very own CryptoCreed at

Why have one Creed Bratton when you can have two? We take you behind-the-scenes into the burning ritual that freed Creed from his mortal body and sent him into the metaverse. We introduce Open the Portal, the visionary team that created a clay version of Creed fit to be burned to smithereens. We watch as they roll Clay Creed out of the studio and almost lose him forever to the ground, and we get one last look at human Creed before he’s blasted into the digital world.

Get a sneak peak into the making of the very first NFT from the Alien Chicken team. Before there were aliens, there were the mere humans who helped make Creed Bratton’s dreams of transcending into the metaverse a reality - and this is how they did it. Hint: you’ll see a lot of lights, a lot of laughs, and a few other business opportunities that could have popped up along the way (who wants the Creed Bratton Calendar 2023?!) When you’re done watching, feel free to answer the question we all want to know - “how much weirder can it get than this?”

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